What Are The Benefits of Coworking Spaces?


In today’s fast-paced world, the concept of coworking spaces has rapidly gained popularity among business professionals, freelancers, and travelling creatives. As more individuals seek flexible, productive environments that also align with their working needs, the benefits of coworking spaces whilst travelling have become increasingly important. 

Alex Hotel, nestled in the vibrant neighbourhood of Northbridge, offers an exceptional coworking space for guests and the ideal working environment for both business travellers and creatives alike. 

exceptional coworking space for guests

How we curated a space ideal for sparking creativity and productivity 

Our mezzanine floor, available exclusively to hotel guests of the Alex, offers the perfect coworking space. It serves as a serene and comfortable environment, equipped with high-speed internet and all the necessary working amenities. 

Imagine working in a space that feels more like a cosy library than a typical office. Our coworking area is set among bookshelves on the mezzanine, offering a warm and inviting atmosphere that sparks creativity and focus. 

The layout of the coworking space is designed to cater to different working styles. Whether you prefer a quiet corner to concentrate or a more open area to brainstorm with colleagues, you will find the perfect spot at Alex Hotel. 

Our shared coworking space is thoughtfully designed to enhance productivity and inspire innovation. You’ll find plenty of greenery, lots of natural light, and a serene environment perfect for both focused work and moments of solitude. The soft hum of activity provides an ideal backdrop for concentration without being distracting. 

Amenities for professionals and creatives

We have equipped our mezzanine coworking space with a large shared fridge, and a communal coffee and tea station so you can help yourself whenever you like. 

Additionally, you have access to freshly roasted barista-made coffee from our lobby bar just downstairs, perfect for those essential caffeine boosts throughout the day. For after-work relaxation, we also serve a selection of local wines and craft beers.

For all your fitness needs in your downtime, our partnership with Chris Wilson PT offers guests access to premium fitness facilities, allowing you to maintain your wellness routine even while travelling.

Amenities for professionals and creatives

Networking and collaboration opportunities

One of the key advantages of coworking spaces is the opportunity to network and collaborate with like-minded professionals. At Alex Hotel, our mezzanine space fosters a sense of community, bringing together individuals from diverse backgrounds, places and industries. 

Travelling with a team? Our large table setups on the mezzanine floor are perfect for group collaborations and meetings or we have a private conference room available to hire on the top floor. 

Networking and collaboration opportunities

Location and convenience

Alex Hotel’s prime location in the heart of Northbridge offers the perfect blend of convenience and cultural richness for business travellers. Just minutes from Perth’s CBD, our hotel ensures you’re always close to business meetings while allowing you to enjoy the relaxed and vibrant atmosphere of Northbridge. This strategic location provides easy access to both business hubs and local attractions, making Alex Hotel an ideal choice for those seeking a seamless mix of work and leisure during their stay.

The Alex is also located in close proximity to Perth train station and the connecting airport rail link, making it easy for international and interstate travellers to get to and from our hotel. 

Northbridge is known for its vibrant cultural scene, with numerous cafes, restaurants, and entertainment options. With local attractions such as the library, museum, and art gallery nearby, you have plenty of opportunities to unwind and get inspired after a productive day.

Staying at Alex Hotel means you can enjoy the best of both worlds – the professional advantages of being close to the CBD and the lifestyle benefits of Northbridge’s lively atmosphere.

Our holistic approach to sustainability 

Sustainability is a key part of today’s business world, and more professionals are becoming aware of how their travel choices impact the environment. When you choose Alex Hotel, you’re not just picking a place to stay – you’re making a positive impact by reducing your carbon footprint. 

Sustainability is at the forefront of our operations. Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond our coworking space, expanding to every part of the hotel to offer you a holistic and eco-friendly experience. Find out more about our sustainability practices at the hotel in our previous article here.

Our shared coworking space for hotel guests is located on our mezzanine floor. From a sustainability perspective, coworking spaces are highly efficient, as they reduce energy consumption by sharing lighting, air conditioning, and other amenities, thereby minimising the power demand compared to individual rooms. 

We believe that such small steps can make a big difference, and we are proud to lead by example in the hospitality industry.

Our holistic approach to sustainability 

Alex Hotel: the ideal accommodation choice for modern professionals 

The benefits of coworking spaces are numerous and impactful, particularly for modern professionals who seek productivity, convenience, and sustainability. 

Our shared coworking space on the mezzanine offers a unique blend of eco-friendly practices, creative design, and essential amenities that cater to the needs of business travellers and creatives alike.

Our strategic location, commitment to eco-friendly practices, and dedication to providing a productive and inspiring environment make us the prime choice for your next business trip.

Experience the benefits of coworking at the Alex Hotel, where work and leisure seamlessly blend to create an exceptional travel experience. 

Book your hotel room now via our website. Needing to make a larger group booking? Contact our friendly team and we would be happy to accommodate your needs. 

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