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Wondering what to visit in Perth? Look no further, Oh Hey WA is the greatest walking-tour option that covers a range of subjects like history, art, nightlife, and culture. Join their daily Art & Cultural tour or book in a group for a special occasion or custom experience. Learn and have fun at the same time!!

Cottesloe Beach

Cottesloe Beach

‘Cott’ is Perth’s most famous beach. It’s got everything you need; parking right behind the beach; fish and chip shops; grassy terraces to relax on and also a lovely view of the beautiful Indian Ocean sunsets. Oh and the OBH, near the beach is a legendary spot for a Sunday session. Cott was also the birthplace of surfing and lifesaving in WA way back in 1909, making it a pretty special spot for generations of Perthonians.

Getting there…

Public Transport: Take the Fremantle train to Cottesloe Station, and then get the Bus 102 to Cottesloe Beach. For times and to check routes – TransPerth Planner

You could borrow one of our bikes and try cycling – its 13.7km and has a few hills (but they are Perth hills so nothing too dramatic).



‘Freo’ is a lovely place to visit, with art, culture and good coffee at every turn. The small streets that were filled with old dockworker cottages have been transformed into artisanal shops and creative coffee shops. The large empty warehouses have become flourishing markets which are extremely popular with locals and tourists alike.

For those who have a love of the sea, the Maritime Museum is really fascinating. They even have the original Australia II on display inside. The Fremantle Prison is also a must do, with various tours to choose from, there is something for everyone. The Tunnels Tour is definitely one for the adventurous types.

Once you’ve had enough of sightseeing, head to South Beach (there is a free Cat bus to get you there), and relax with the sand between your toes.

Check out Visit Fremantle

Getting there…

Public Transport: Trains take around 25 mins and run from Perth Central Station on a regular basis on both weekdays and weekends. Check Transperth Route Planner for times. You can always take a bus which will take longer or grab a taxi.

Sunrise over the city from Kings Park

Kings Park

The jewel in the heart of Perth – Kings Park – attracts over 6 million visitors a year and is a pleasure for locals and people from somwhere else. It’s the best place to snap a selfie with the city in the background but its an even better place to briefly reconnect with the outdoors and take in some of the freshest air in the world.


Rottnest Island

Want to get off the Mainland? Good news, ‘Rotto’ (as locals call it) is just a short ferry ride away and the best thing about the island? Its only permanent residents are of the friendly, Quokka variety. With over 60 beaches to choose from with some great snorkelling, it’s a lovely getaway from the big city. The best way to explore the 19km2 island is under your own steam, so rent a bike or put on your walking shoes. If one day isn’t enough to satisfy your craving then you can always stay overnight. Check out their website for more info.

Getting there…

There are ferries (1300 467 688) that leave from Barrack Street and takes 90mins to get to Rotto. Barrack Street is a 20 minute walk from Alex or hop on the Blue Cat Bus to Barrack Square. Come see us at reception and we can help you book your ferry tickets and tours with a discounted rate through our friends at Rottnest Express.

Alternatively you can take the ferry from:

  • North Fremantle (takes 25 mins)
  • Fremantle (takes 25mins)
  • Hillary’s Boat Harbour (takes 45 mins)
Wine Barrels

The Swan Valley

Did you know Perth one of the few Australian capitals with a wine growing region right on its doorstep? Great if you love a good bit of vino, like we do. It’s only a 25 minute drive and it’s not just wine out there. There are great microbreweries selling their own batch beer, over 70 mouth-watering restaurants and artisan crafters of all shapes and sizes, selling anything from cheese to chocolate. There is even an asparagus masterclass!

Check out the Swan Valley Visitor Centre for lots of tips and tricks for making the most of your Swan Valley exploration and they have some great ideas for keeping the kids entertained.

Have a nosey at the Experience Perth website too for lots of info about the region, including walking trails to blow off the cobwebs.

Wine Tours

For wine tours, Claude’s friendly team at Out and About Wine Tours, have got the wine tour business down to a fine art. Check their website for a list of all their tours.

Two Feet and a Heartbeat

Two Feet and a Heartbeat Walking Tours

Indulge in a guided walk by locals who love showing off the city they call home. Their tours have a small group philosophy, with a pinch of history, a smidge of culture all combined with a splash of heritage to create their award winning recipe. With lots of little titbits that even the most local ‘local’ doesn’t know, tourist and Perthonians alike find their tours captivating. All you need is Two Feet & a Heartbeat!

Getting there…

Check out their website for times and starting locations or give Ryan and Ryan a call 1800 459 388