Sustainability is a passion for us, which makes the way we operate a little different to other hotels. If you are on the hunt for sustainable accommodation in the heart of the Perth CBD, we welcome you in. 

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We are conscious and entrepreneurial here at the Alex, so we have meticulously thought about how we can reduce our carbon footprint through our sustainable hotel practices.

Here are some of the steps we have taken to reduce our environmental impact:

  • Tinting all our glass windows to ensure less of a reliance on air conditioning in summer and to reduce our overall energy use.
  • Scattering plenty of greenery indoors to filter the air, we are committed to making our hotel an eco-friendly haven for our guests.
  • Shadow Wine Bar and the Lobby Bar focus on local produce and supporting local suppliers for a farm-to-table connection. Sourcing locally also means a lower transport emission impact.
  • All of our linen is sourced from high-quality ethical suppliers and is designed to last for many years.
  • We choose to not wash towels every day (unless you specify of course), in an effort to reduce our water consumption.
  • The shampoo and conditioner in the bathrooms are found in refillable bottles, in an effort to reduce plastic ending up in landfill. Our bathroom products are produced by Vasse Virgin exclusively for Alex Hotel, and are made from lush locally grown and pressed olive oil.
  • Bicycles available for guests to use free of charge.
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Waste management strategies

Additionally, we partner with Wright Solutions for waste management, and implement a strict recycling and organic composting regime at Alex. Through this, we currently divert approximately 70% of our waste away from landfill, and are working hard to increase this percentage over time. We are dedicated to greener waste disposal practices and reducing food waste.

Communal Mezzanine

Our rooms are not equipped with individual mini bar fridges, and we have opted for a larger communal fridge on our mezzanine floor instead. This is done with reducing energy use front of mind. Channelling European style communal spaces, working near the Maxi-Bar means less lights on in individual rooms and less individual aircon use. 

Our guests have full access to this floor which includes complementary freshly brewed top-quality coffee, snacks or a glass of wine from the bar. Our mezzanine is a space for you to walk and talk, or settle into a cosy nook to relax or do some work. Be inspired by the creative art on the walls or the literature which lives on our bookshelves. 

Projects we support

Indirectly, our owners are invested in the not-for-profit Line In The Sand Group, which is dedicated to restoring and protecting local coastlines. We also support the Weelhamby Farm Project alongside the Carbon Farming Foundation to directly offset emissions and learn more about best sustainable farming practices. If you want to learn more about our sustainable eco hotel practices, or know of something else we can do to be more conscientious, reach out to us at We would love to hear from you.

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