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Books found in hotels are usually beautiful, but they can be heavy to handle. With their large, coffee table or display-like format, they mostly feature subjects like art, design, architecture, or fashion. These books are certainly lovely and perfect for flicking through and browsing, but their weight might require some extra strength to lift them onto your lap.

Our carefully curated book selection

At the Alex, we strive to create a welcoming, homely and thoughtful atmosphere, and that includes everything from our cosy hotel rooms to our book selection. With this in mind, we decided to go the extra mile and collaborate with a fantastic independent bookstore to curate a library in our communal spaces and lobby bar. Our aim was to offer a diverse range of books that reflect our values and interests while also catering to our guests’ preferences.

Our non-fiction collection mirrors our diverse interests, spanning various topics such as food, cooking, ingredients, hospitality, beer, wine, and spirits, travel, Western Australia, First Nations literature, film, and other art forms. Our location in Northbridge, the cultural hub of Perth, has inspired us to curate a collection that reflects the vibrant and diverse community we serve.

We have a small collection of both the latest and classic fictional titles for those that are not rushing to a meeting or might stay a while — encouraging our guests to settle in and enjoy a quiet moment reading in our wonderful communal spaces. We also have children’s books that will catch the eye of the young at heart, even if they aren’t of the targeted age. There are also a variety of games available; the perfect way to spend an hour or two with a friend. 

Thanks to the team at Open Book in Mosman Park for their thoughtful selections, in particular Jessie Hilton and Emma Cearns.

Our carefully curated book selection

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Coworking spaces at the Alex

Our communal space and library on our mezzanine floor is the perfect coworking space for guests visiting from overseas or interstate on business, or for those who simply need a quiet corner to get some life admin completed.

Our guests have unrestricted access to our mezzanine floor, where they can enjoy complimentary freshly brewed, top-quality coffee, snacks, and a selection of wines from our lobby bar. This is a versatile space that you can use to catch up with friends, hold impromptu meetings, or unwind in a cosy nook. Be inspired by the creative artworks adorning the walls or the literature gracing our bookshelves, which are sure to ignite your imagination.

Coworking spaces at the

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Our thoughtful vinyl collection

In addition to our selection of books, The Alex’s mezzanine also carries a small library of modern and vintage vinyl records. Our collection ranges from classic to contemporary, and we’ve made sure to include something for every musical taste. Guests can immerse themselves in the unique sound of vinyl and enjoy the warm, rich tones that only a record player can provide.

To make the experience even better, we’ve provided an in-house turntable for guests to use at their leisure. Whether you’re a seasoned audiophile or a curious novice, we welcome you to browse our collection and select a record that speaks to you. The mezzanine’s cosy atmosphere, combined with the nostalgic appeal of vinyl, makes it the perfect place to unwind and appreciate music in a whole new way.

Our thoughtful vinyl collection

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Discover our library and vinyl collection at The Alex Hotel

At The Alex Hotel, we take pride in our commitment to creating a welcoming and inspiring environment for our guests. Our mezzanine floor library is one of the many ways we seek to achieve this. We’ve carefully curated a collection of books and vinyl records that reflect our values and interests, and we hope that our guests will find something that resonates with them.

However, we believe that a good library is never truly complete, which is why we’re always seeking to improve and refresh our collection. We value our guests’ input and welcome suggestions for new books or records to add to our shelves. Our team regularly reviews the library to ensure that it remains relevant and engaging for our guests.

So, whether you’re looking for a new read, or want to immerse yourself in the unique sound of vinyl, we invite you to explore the library at The Alex Hotel. Take your time to browse the shelves and enjoy the curated selection of books and records that we’ve put together for you. We hope that you’ll appreciate the effort that we’ve put into this space and that it will contribute to a truly memorable experience during your stay with us.

For any queries, get in touch with our friendly team, or book one of our hotel rooms now via our website.

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