The Role of Sustainable Hotel Practices in Tourism: Our Approach at The Alex Hotel


In 2024, sustainability dominates discussions, as industries worldwide strive to reduce their environmental impact. The hotel and hospitality sector is no different, with an increasing number of guests preferring establishments that incorporate eco-friendly practices into their daily operations.

At the Alex Hotel, we place sustainability at the core of our operations and are always looking for innovative ways to enhance our environmental practices. Our commitment does more than ensure our guests are comfortable; it plays a vital role in supporting the broader movement of eco-tourism.

What is sustainable tourism? 

Sustainable tourism is about travelling in a way that reduces harm to the environment. It focuses on the careful use of natural resources, encourages social responsibility, and supports local economic stability to ensure that destinations remain intact and enjoyable for future generations.

This holistic approach encourages travellers to be mindful of their footprint, supporting practices that protect and celebrate the uniqueness of the destinations they visit.

But how can the hotel industry, a pivotal player in the tourism sector, be sustainable? 

What are some hotel sustainability trends?

Hotels can become sustainable by implementing energy-efficient systems, conserving water, using sustainable building materials, and reducing waste. Sourcing food and products locally supports the economy and reduces environmental impact, while offering eco-friendly amenities and investing in renewable energy sources lowers the carbon footprint. 

Promoting sustainable transportation, engaging with local communities, and adhering to sustainability certifications further enhance a hotel’s sustainability. Through these practices, hotels can significantly contribute to environmental conservation, social responsibility, and economic sustainability, paving the way for a more sustainable future in hospitality.

Bearing these strategies in mind, at the Alex Hotel, we’ve implemented a variety of measures across our operations to enhance our sustainability efforts.

Sustainable design features of the Alex Hotel

The beating heart of Alex Hotel is our unique mezzanine space which was specifically designed to contribute to the overall energy conservation of the hotel, whilst also fostering a sense of community amongst guests. By centralising amenities such as fridges and complimentary coffee and tea facilities in the mezzanine space, the hotel reduces energy consumption associated with individual fridge and kettle room setups. This decision aligns with contemporary trends in sustainable hospitality practices, prioritising resource efficiency and guest experience simultaneously.

Channelling European-style communal spaces, our mezzanine features unique local artwork and a selection of literature, providing a comfortable space for guests to unwind, work, or mingle. Encouraging use of the communal space for work and relaxation also minimises the reliance on separate room lighting and air conditioning.

Sustainable design features of the Alex Hotel

Internally, our hotel is enhanced with an abundance of indoor greenery, serving not only as aesthetic enhancements but also as natural air purifiers. Our plants contribute to a serene and oxygen-rich environment, elevating the overall experience for both our guests and staff.

From a design perspective, we have also implemented the tinting of windows at Alex Hotel, an efficient yet simple measure that significantly reduces our reliance on air conditioning during peak summer months, and decreases our energy consumption.

How we support the local economy and reduce emissions 

A key aspect of sustainability is supporting the local economy and reducing transport emissions. 

We conscientiously select ingredients for our Shadow Wine Bar and the Lobby Bar from local regional producers and suppliers, emphasising a farm-to-table ethos. This approach not only guarantees that our guests experience fresh, premium meals but also significantly diminishes the carbon emissions associated with long supply chains and transportation.

How we support the local economy and reduce emissions 

Additionally, it provides our guests the opportunity to appreciate high-quality local produce, distinctive to Western Australia, enhancing the appeal for both domestic and international visitors.

We also offer all guests at our hotel complimentary bikes, so that they can explore our city on two wheels, reducing the dependence on car travel.

Eco-friendly guest amenities available at the Alex Hotel

At our hotel, guests will find their bathrooms equipped with refillable shampoo and conditioner bottles, eliminating the need for disposable single use plastic containers and significantly reducing waste. We source our body products from local olive oil supplier, Vasse Virgin.

Eco-friendly guest amenities available at the Alex Hotel

Our hotel’s linen, sourced from high-quality ethical suppliers, is designed to last many years, ensuring that luxury and sustainability go hand in hand. 

Furthermore, we encourage guests to not get their towels washed every single day, a move that conserves a considerable amount of water.

Our approach to waste reduction and management

In partnership with WRITE Solutions, we have implemented a robust waste management strategy that includes recycling and organic composting. 

Presently, Alex Hotel successfully redirects about 70% of our waste away from landfills, and we are continuously working to increase this percentage. Our dedication to effective waste management plays a significant role in diminishing the environmental footprint of our hotel.

Our contribution to environmental projects 

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond our hotel operations. 

Our owners are involved with the not-for-profit Line In The Sand Group, a not-for-profit dedicated to restoring and protecting local coastlines in Southern WA, as well as educating the community on how to care for natural ecosystems.

Furthermore, in partnership with the Weelhamby Farm Project, the Alex Hotel actively offsets emissions and supports sustainable farming practices.

Pioneering a more sustainable future in hotel operations

By adopting our sustainability initiatives, offering eco-friendly amenities, innovating in waste management, conserving energy through communal spaces, and actively contributing to environmental projects, Alex Hotel goes beyond offering a place to stay; it actively engages in promoting and practicing sustainable tourism.

Our commitment to being more environmentally friendly not only addresses the pain points of eco-conscious travellers, but also sets a benchmark for the hospitality industry. It challenges other hotels to reflect on their environmental impact and explore how they can also contribute to a more sustainable future.

In today’s world, where the impact of travel and hospitality on the environment is getting harder to ignore, the Alex Hotel aims to do what we can to reduce our impact on the environment, without compromising the comfort of our valued guests. We aim to show that offering a boutique experience and being eco-friendly can go hand in hand, and be sustainable long term. 

So if you’re on the hunt for a sustainable hotel which still offers you an exclusive boutique experience, the Alex Hotel ticks all the boxes. Explore our hotel room options now, and book online via our website. 

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