Shadow Puts Vegetarian Dishes In The Spotlight To Celebrate Meat-Free Monday!


We are super excited to announce that SHADOW WINE BAR will now be open for lunch and dinner on Mondays, from the 4th of July onwards. To kick off our extended trading hours we are promoting Meat-Free Monday, celebrating our wonderful vegetarian and vegan dishes using beautiful local West Australian produce.

Why Meat-Free Monday?

For a bit of background, Meat-Free Monday was established in the UK by Paul, Mary and Stella McCartney in 2009 (yeah, that Paul McCartney). It is a not-for-profit initiative to encourage people globally to go meat-free for one day of the week, in an effort to raise awareness of the detrimental effects of animal agriculture and industrial fishing on climate change.

Meat-Free Mondays encourage people to opt for at least one plant-based meal a week, for both the good of their health and the planet. Meat-Free Mondays don’t require people to give up meat entirely, rather it shines a light on the huge collective difference it makes when many people opt for plant-based options to reduce overall global meat consumption.

Anyone and everyone can participate (meat-eaters included!), and it is a great reason to try something a little different from your usual meat-based faves. But, we’re not telling if you do start with a little anchovy toast or want to split the veggie gnocchi and a steak – every little change helps!

Our warming winter menu

Here at Shadow, we love the stunning local produce on offer here in Western Australia. As it cools down, there is truly nothing better than a warming winter meal to get you feeling toasty from the inside out. Accompany that with a smooth glass of red? Heavenly.

Our exciting new winter menu by our head chef Jeremy Rayssac features mushroom arancini with smoked leek aioli to start and gnocchi, pesto, courgette, pine nut and ricotta salata for the main event. 

We have vegetarian, vegan and pescatarian options to satisfy those winter cravings, as well as our extensive wine list which heroes local West Australian wineries, and features our European vino faves from Italy, France, Germany and Spain.

warming winter menu

Pictured: Zucchini, Parmesan Custard, Agrodolce & Almonds

Our wine selection

We recommend pairing the pumpkin, almond cream and lentil salad with a glass of Singlefile Chardonnay from the Great Southern Region. Finish off with the always perfect pear tarte tatin, with a glass of Stormflower Botrytis, a golden dessert wine to treat your tastebuds.

We have all your usual favourites from a velvety glass of Chateau de Chamirey Pinot Noir from Burgundy, bold and oaky Talisman ‘Gabrielle’ 2015 Chardonnay from right here in the southwest of WA, or sip on the best of Italy with Attilio Ghisolfi Barolo 2016 – the Nebbiolo of your dreams.  

Our friendly staff are always ready and willing to recommend you the perfect vino to complement your meal. We also have natural and vegan wine – highlighting the flavour of the grape with minimal interventions. 

Stormflower dessert wine

Pictured: Stormflower Botrytis

Eating consciously 

Look, we also love a beautiful cut of meat (ethically farmed of course!). However, the environmental impact the global meat industry has through its huge reliance on land, water and energy is undeniable. 

By actively choosing plant-based options, even for just one night a week, you are contributing to a movement to combat climate change. You also get to try new flavour combinations, with no effort – just let us guide you to our flavoursome dishes that highlight plant-based ingredients.

You don’t need to completely eliminate meat from your diet. Think of the philosophy; ‘if everyone does a little it will make a huge difference’.

The restaurant industry is a well-oiled machine when it comes to producing food with minimal wastage. Modern restaurant kitchens are highly efficient, and in most cases use entire vegetables and cuts of meat when producing food. This results in up to 25% less food wastage in comparison to home-cooking on average. 

At Shadow, we are really conscious of waste and our food footprint. This is why our dishes and menus rotate with the seasons, using the best of locally sourced produce and ethically farmed and caught meat. We showcase brilliant local wines and only bring in the best of the best in European wine stock. 

And as for anything we can’t use – we have an active composting system.

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Start your week off right

Mondays are the start of a new week, a chance to start off fresh. Spend your Monday evening the right way, and come wine and dine with us at SHADOW WINE BAR. We will be dishing up a range of exquisite plant-based dishes guaranteed to satisfy your hankering for something hearty (and meat is still on the menu if you can’t go all the way vegetarian). 

Contact us now to book, or delve into our stunning new winter menu here, full of moreish options. Don’t wait for dinner, meet us at lunchtime – open from midday Monday to Saturday!

Opening times

SHADOW WINE BAR is open for lunch and dinner 6 days a week, Monday to Saturday (closed Sunday) from midday until late.  

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