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There is truly nothing better in life than a good dessert, and paired with the right wine makes for the ultimate moment of indulgence. Our wonderful team at SHADOW WINE BAR know a thing or two about wine, and with the development of some exciting new dessert options on the menu, we have gathered some of their expert recommendations for the perfect wine and dessert pairings.


Blue Cheese Macarons + Ponty Vents Des Cimes Semillon, or Grand Tawny Port

A savoury take on the traditional French macaron, think of our blue cheese macarons as a twist on the post-dinner cheese plate. The sharpness of the blue cheese pairs perfectly with a glass of Ponty Semillon from Bordeaux, a crisp white to refresh your palate. Or if you are seeking something bolder, a glass of barrel-aged Tawny Port wine balances the strong flavour profile of the blue cheese perfectly, with its sweet caramelised notes.

Lemon Meringue Tart/Rhubarb Gel + Singlefile Chardonnay or a Late Harvest

You can’t go wrong with a traditional lemon meringue tart. We have paired ours with a punchy rhubarb gel to elevate this classic dessert. We recommend Singlefile’s Chardonnay with this one, as its notes of stonefruit and citrus serves as the perfect accompaniment to this zesty dessert. Or if you are wanting something less dry, a Late Harvest option would be perfect, as the late harvested grapes bring a delicate sweetness to these wines. Have a chat to one of our SHADOW staff members to find out what Late Harvest wines we currently have in our repertoire.

Pear Tarte Tatin + Sparkling, Markus Molitor Cane Cut Riesling or Faber Vineyard Muscat

Our Pear Tarte Tatin isn’t a new menu addition but has been a crowd favourite for many moons. We pair our Pear Tarte Tatin with a creamy vanilla bean ice cream and recommend a sweet dessert wine to perfectly compliment this delicate dessert. A sparkling, a Markus Molitor riesling, the Stormflower Botrytis SBS or our favourite Muscat by Faber Vineyard would be our top selections.

Dark Chocolate Souffle/Raspberry + Grand Tawny Port or a Full Bodied Shiraz

Chocolate and red wine are the ultimate combination, so you can’t go past our luscious dark chocolate souffle, paired perfectly with a rich full bodied glass of red. We recommend an aromatic shiraz, or you could opt for a glass of silky Grand Tawny Port to balance out the intense dark chocolate flavours.

Selection Of Three Cheeses

Cheese lovers rejoice, we haven’t forgotten about you. Our selection of three cheeses is the perfect finish to your meal—here are our perfect wine pairings:

Soft Cheese

  • Singlefile Chardonnay
  • Rhone Blend (Grenache/Syrah)
  • Late Harvest Wine

Hard Cheese

  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Medium/Full Bodied Reds (Shiraz, Merlot or a Tempranillo)

Blue Cheese

  • Markus Molitor Cane Cut Riesling
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Stormflower Bortryis Dessert Wine

A spotlight on some of our best dessert wines

At SHADOW, we have lovingly hand-selected stunning local wines and the best of the best from overseas. Here is a small snapshot of some of our favourites—

Stormflower Botrytis Sauvignon Blanc Semillon (Western Australia)

This delicious golden Australian dessert wine has a rich textural palate, with notes of honeycomb and ripe melon. It is refreshing and balanced, with a natural acidity to finish.


Faber Vineyard Grand Muscat Liquor (Swan Valley, Western Australia)

Intensely sweet, this muscat contains notes of raisin, honey and dried figs. Despite its initial hit of sweetness, it finishes dry and clean, leaving intense lingering flavours.

Late Bottled Vintage Touriga Tinta Port (Niepoort, South Africa)

Aged for six years in an oak barrel, this rich Touriga port wine has a dark and nutty taste. With medium body and structured elegance, notes of dark chocolate, forest fruits and spice, it finishes warm on the palate. This port pairs beautifully with our dark chocolate souffle, or our three cheese selection. Or, you can enjoy this wine with savoury dishes, as it pairs exceptionally well with aromatic red meat dishes, such as our Eye Filet Steak and Jerusalem Artichoke.

Valdespino Ximenez Dessert Wine (Jerez, Spain)

This dessert wine can actually be classed as a sherry. It is rich, velvety and smooth with a long aftertaste. Deliciously sweet, it has strong notes of raisin, caramelised figs and honey.

Treat yourself (you deserve it!)

Come and taste our delicious new desserts and our range of exciting dessert wines for yourself. Whether as a post-work treat or as part of your weekend dinner plans, we’ve got you covered!

Keep in mind that our knowledgeable and friendly team at SHADOW are always eager to recommend you the best wine pairings for your meal. Whether you already have your go-to vino or want to try something new, we have options for everyone. You can book a table at SHADOW WINE BAR via our website.

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