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Whether you are travelling for work or play, it can be tricky to negotiate how to maintain your fitness routine and how to keep your body moving while you are away from home. When searching for hotel accommodation, many people prefer a hotel with a gym included as it allows for them to stay active during their travels. 

We understand that staying fit and healthy is front of mind for many of our guests here at the Alex, so we have compiled a helpful guide on what your fitness options are while you are staying with us.

Chris Wilson PT X Alex Hotel

We wanted to offer our guests something special when it came to a gym facility – a step away from the standard hotel gym you may expect which may be ill-equipped and not cater fully to your workout requirements. Which is why we have partnered with the most exclusive personal training studio in Perth, to elevate our guests’ fitness experience. 

We are excited to be able to offer all of our guests complimentary fitness classes at Chris Wilson PT’s newly opened fitness studio in Highgate.

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Access to over 30 complimentary classes

Experience the incredible Highgate Studio with exclusive access to a diverse selection of over 30 weekly classes, led by certified and experienced trainers. These classes, which are valued at $35 per session, come at no extra cost to all guests staying at Alex Hotel.

You can choose from targeted classes like Legs & Glutes or Abs & Arms, or opt for a full-body burn with HIIT and Strength and Conditioning classes. Check out their timetable for more information.

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How to get there

Chris Wilson PT Highgate is conveniently located a 10 minute walk from the Alex. Alternatively, guests can take advantage of our complimentary bikes or utilise the free CAT bus service to reach the studio hassle-free.

Enjoy hassle-free, premium gym classes

Through this partnership, we have been able to provide our guests with the opportunity to enjoy curated fitness classes, removing the need to find a gym or pay additional fees during their stay with us. 

Whether you’re travelling from overseas or interstate to Perth and wish to maintain your exercise regime, or simply value convenient fitness options during your stay, this new partnership is all about meeting your exercise needs and making sure you have an enjoyable fitness experience.


Chris Wilson PT, Highgate

93 Brisbane Street, Perth 6000

Complimentary bikes at Alex

We offer complimentary bikes for all guests at our hotel, giving you the freedom to explore the city on two wheels. Perth is well connected when it comes to bike paths, and offers an array of scenic riverside cycling routes so you can see the best of our city by bike. 

Some of our favourite cycling routes include;

Swan River Loop

This scenic route takes you along the picturesque Swan River, offering stunning views of the city skyline and the river’s tranquil waters. Start from the hotel and head east along Riverside Drive, passing by Elizabeth Quay and the Bell Tower. Continue along the shared paths of the Swan River, crossing over bridges and enjoying the natural beauty of the area. You can extend the ride to the Burswood Peninsula and South Perth, or opt for a shorter loop.

Kings Park and Botanic Garden

Located just a short distance from the Alex Hotel, Kings Park is a must-visit destination for cyclists. The park offers various cycling paths amidst beautiful native flora and provides panoramic views of the city and Swan River. Take Fraser Avenue to enter the park, and from there, explore the different paths that wind through the gardens and bushland.

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Matilda Bay to Cottesloe Beach

Embark on a coastal cycling adventure by heading west from the hotel towards Matilda Bay. The route takes you along the waterfront, passing by the University of Western Australia and the lovely Matilda Bay Reserve. Continue along the scenic Marine Parade, and you’ll reach the iconic Cottesloe Beach. This ride offers a mix of natural beauty and urban scenery.

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Scenic walking and running spots

For those who prefer a leisurely stroll or an invigorating run, Perth has no shortage of scenic spots within close proximity to the hotel. Kings Park, with its beautifully kept gardens and stunning panoramic views of the city, is a favourite among locals and visitors alike. Jacob’s Ladder, a challenging set of stairs, provides an ideal opportunity for a heart-pumping workout with a rewarding view at the top. The Swan River foreshore also offers a picturesque route for runners and walkers to enjoy the waterfront scenery.

Book now and experience the benefits of the Alex Hotel

Next time you find yourself travelling to Perth and are searching for a hotel with a gym that can accommodate your fitness needs, look no further than Alex Hotel. Through our exciting partnership with Chris Wilson PT, complimentary bikes and ease of accessibility to numerous scenic walking and cycling routes, staying active during your stay with us is now easier than ever. 

Contact us to find out more, or to book one of our hotel rooms today. 

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