Shadow Wine Bar: The Destination For Unique Wine


Situated on William Street in the vibrant heart of Northbridge, just a brief walk from the Alex Hotel, you’ll discover Shadow Wine Bar.

With a locally produced menu which rotates with the seasons and an extensive wine list featuring the best of local and international wines, Shadow Wine Bar stands as one of Perth’s best wine bars, and the ultimate spot for food and wine lovers.

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Unmatched ambiance

Shadow Wine Bar offers more than just a wine and dining experience. Nestled behind a quintessential 1950s exterior, Shadow boasts a majestic vaulted dining space that seamlessly merges the cherished charm of Italian eateries with innovative modern accents.

The ambiance of Shadow is very much reflected in its name. Transformed from the former National Bank building, the spacious industrial design is elegantly tempered with cascading curtains and soft, dimly lit suspended lighting.

Its atmosphere is ideal for a romantic date night, a catch up with a friend or a special dinner with your loved ones, with various table and bar setups to cater for all.

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Discover unique wines at Shadow Wine Bar

For those in pursuit of new and unique wines, you’re sure to find a few that raise eyebrows here. Shadow Wine Bar boasts an extensive wine list, curated not just from the local vineyards of Australia’s South West, but from all around the globe. Whether it’s a rare vintage you’re after or a modern organic blend, there’s a high chance you’ll find it. If the comprehensive wine list overwhelms you, Shadow’s knowledgeable team is on hand to recommend wines that resonate with your tastes and pair perfectly with your meal.

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The seasonal menu

The menu at Shadow is carefully curated to showcase the best of Western Australian produce. Froml wine bar nibbles to shared entree dishes and hearty mains, Shadow’s menu emphasises the best of local produce, mirroring the shifting seasons. Shadow channels the essence of contemporary Italian and European cuisines, drawing inspiration from Western Australia’s premium ingredients.

Perfect wine pairings

In addition to wines from our Western Australian vineyards, Shadow takes pride in featuring meticulously chosen European wines, with a particular homage to Italy. Our Tuscan blend (Merlot and Sangiovese) Ridolfi ‘Fiero’ Toscana is a medium bodied red with notes of redcurrant and blueberry which finishes dry on the palate. The Elio Ottin Pinot Noir from Italy’s smallest region, Valle d’Aosta, is an easy-drinking red which pairs well with most dishes on Shadow’s menu. 

Alternatively, if you would prefer something on the lighter side, the Semillon Sauvignon Blanc from local Wilyabrup winery Stormflower Vineyard features bright lemon-citrus notes and delicate acidity, which harmonises beautifully with its subtle sweetness and robust fruit notes on the palate.

Shadow Wine Bar curates exceptional wine experiences, offering wine selections that tell rich stories of their origins, craftsmanship, and intrinsic character. Just tell us a little bit about what you like, or what you are eating and the team is happy to recommend you your perfect wine.

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A unique wine and dining experience

When considering the best wine bars in Northbridge, the competition is fierce, with many wonderful venues popping up in recent years. Yet, Shadow Wine Bar sets itself apart through its commitment to introducing unique wines to Perth, coupled with its exceptional culinary experiences. Shadow is not just one of the best wine bars in Northbridge, but a hot spot for wine enthusiasts across Perth.

Visiting Shadow Wine Bar

Step in whenever you’d like. The friendly staff at Shadow will ensure there’s a place for you, be it at the elevated tables, the chef’s counter, or within the cosy booths and tables of the primary dining space. Additionally if you want to ensure your table in advance, Shadow is pleased to accept reservations.

visiting Shadow Wine Bar

Extend your evening

Whether it be a special occassion or if you just want to make a night of it, book your stay here at The Alex Hotel. Located conveniently just a two minute walk away from Shadow Wine Bar, Alex  Hotel is the perfect place to round off your evening.

Or, if you’re staying in one of our hotel rooms, Alex Hotel guests can enjoy rooftop ‘room service’ with full access to the menu and wine list from Shadow Wine Bar. Our downstairs lobby bar also hosts an array of wine, beer and cocktail selections which guests are welcome to bring upstairs and enjoy. 

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